Ministry Updates


August 18, 2023

Hello all! I will start by thanking you for your prayers! July was pretty insane, as we knew it would be. Tony’s eye surgery the beginning of August came and went with no complications. He is seeing better than ever and using his drops in his eyes faithfully. As for me, I am getting better but have had some pinched nerves in my back. July 3 as we drove through Kansas City Missouri on our way to Indiana, we were stopped at a red light and were hit from behind- twice. The car could have been much worse, and so could we, but we were hit hard and definitely believe God’s protection kept us from a serious injury. Tony didn’t show any signs at all of any jolt or injujry. I didn’t either, at first, except a headache. When it didn’t go away in a couple days, I saw the ER, and after an exam and a CT scan of my head, nothing seemed terribly wrong. They basically said I had whiplash, and that it should go away on its own. If it didn’t, I should seek further medical help. Over the next days it did get progressively worse and I got more extensive x-rays from my chiropractor. I am currently working on a plan to fix the issues. I guess you could say, my back and our car are “in the shop”, getting repairs! God is faithful. The other guy’s insurance is taking care of everything and we were still able to go to Indiana for Tony’s 65th high school class reunion. It was also sweet to spend some time at our beloved IHOP-KC and with some family and friends on our way through.

At the end of July as planned, we were able to complete that 11 county prayerwalk. We did all the counties we had planned but did switch out Hinsdale County for Ouray County by suggestion of a dear prayer partner- who has spent a lot more time going across those mountains than we have! We were grateful for so many prayer partners that stepped up, hosted us, guided our steps, paid for hotels, and prayed us through! 15 to go and we will have completed this county prayerwalk assignment, glory to God!

As for August, after Tony’s cataract surgery, we have spent a lot of time just resting. July was great but took a toll on us physically and we knew we needed a time to regroup and let our bodies just slow down. My chiropractic care is going well; we are eating right and walking often, and generally feel great except for my back issues from the accident. I have started again working on the website, with more counties entered under Prayerwalk Colorado. I hope this weekend and next week to get many more in, and possibly be all caught up before our next Prayer Strike. August 29-31 we will take 3 days and complete 6 counties: Gunnison, Hinsdale, Montrose, Delta, Mesa and Pitkin. While our car is in the shop we have a rental, also paid for by the insurance of the guy who hit us. What a blessing that has been. We hope ours will be done before time to leave on the next journey but if not, we will use the rental.

Looking forward to September, we have one more three day Prayer Strike Sept 12-13, then two more one day strikes ending with Denver, and this will complete our 64 County Prayerwalk to the county seats. And, yes, we are praying about “What’s next!” I think some rest time over the holidays is in order, then who knows what 2024 will bring! In the meantime, thank you all for your faithfulness and support, and God is answering! Psalm 18 still works my friends! Thank you, thank you and thank you!

I will keep you posted of any other developments and will surely let you know news of our final journeys through Colorado. Blessings to you all! -Tony and Hazel !

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