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June 5, 2023

June 5, 2023: Last summer and fall, Tony and I were able to start Prayerwalk Colorado and got many counties completed. We stopped when the weather got bad and the ground froze, and waited for spring. On the National Day of Prayer, May 4, 2023, we launched out again to complete all 64 Colorado Counties. If you look at the “Prayerwalk Colorado” tab, you can see what God has called us to do in the counties. The dropdown menu takes you to each individual county, many pictures of amazing people and places- who we saw, what we heard from the Lord and how we were led to pray in each place. As our Prayerwalk America books are intended to be a prayer tool for America to pray for America, the Prayerwalk Colorado posts are to help Colorado to pray for Colorado. We hope this tool will be useful, and also that you can be blessed by the beautiful pictures of this place we call home! Please pray for us, and if you want to contribute to the expenses of our travel across Colorado, you can do so by clicking on “About Us”, then “Contact Us” and at the bottom you will see “Donate”. I am learning about the workings of a website as I do this, as this girl is very much NOT “techy”! So, what you see here is ALL GOD, believe me! As I learn more and add more updates, I will let you know here in Ministry News!

Recent and upcoming news: In May we had two campaigns, covering eleven counties, going out on the road May 4-6 and May 23-25. Our dear friend and sister in the Lord, Melody, who did much of Prayerwalk America with us, travels with us as often as she is able. On these two “sets”, we were able to cover Boulder, Gilpen, Clear Creek, Summit, Lake, Park, Teller, Freemont, Chaffee, Saguache, Custer, Alamosa and Huerfano. We are off to a good start but it was a lot in a short time. We believe that wisdom for us is to go just a bit slower, completing a set of six counties every three weeks. We have some doctor visits in June so our next set will be June 19-21, covering six more counties. At any county you would like to join us, we would love to have you! We will let you know our schedule as we get it set. The counties we will cover this trip are Las Animas, Baca, Prowers, Bent, Otero and Crowley.

Health needs for prayer: We have three doctor appointments in June. 1. Tony will be having a consult with a cataract surgeon on June 12, and we hope this can be scheduled soon and taken care of easily. 2. I see my cancer dr. for a follow up on June 7th. For those who may not know, I have a lot of cancer in my family so I have regular check ups. About a year and a half ago they did find cancer and I had a double masectomy. I have since remained cancer free, praise God! 3. I also have a follow up with my neurologist on June 22. Again, for those who may not know, I still have had some occasional seizure activity. I had two grand mal seizures in March and April of 2021, and since then have had occasional “absence seizures”, mostly early AM, where I wake a bit disoriented and with other signs of having had a seizure in my sleep. I had a recent 3 day home EEG and am still under doctor’s care. I am currently doing very well and look forward to reducing/ eliminating my meds as God beings the complete healing we are praying and believing for. God did tell me, when He provided us a car for Prayerwalk Colorado, that I would be driving it. This is His promise to me that my neurologist WILL be clearing me to drive at some point, and I WILL be driving again! My God does what He says and keeps His promises! The enemy may want to keep us from doing what God has called us to do but, it’s just not his call because we belong to the Lion of Judah! And when the Lion of Judah roars, the enemy runs in terror! He has no other option! So, please keep these needs in prayer and I will keep you updated. Thanks! And, one more prayer need: Please keep our Melody in prayer as her sister passed away today. She was on hospice. These things are painful to walk through, so pray for comfort and strength as God holds this family close to His heart.

That about covers it for now! We are preparing for our next journey. Blessings to you all. -Hazel Fetz, June 5, 2023.

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