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December 18, 2023

Good morning and Merry Christmas one week early! Bless you all for your prayers for Colorado and for our nation! We were able to complete our assignment to prayerwalk the 64 Colorado Counties, and I hope by the end of this week to have posted the final two counties we did under “Prayerwalk Colorado”. In January and February 2024, Tony and I will be able to be in Kansas City, Missouri and will be spending time in a place very dear to our hearts- the beloved Global Prayer Room at the International House of Prayer. We long to be there and are excited for this precious time the Lord has given us to go. We can’t wait to see all of you there. We have used the last month of this year for rest, and are listening for the “next steps” from the Lord, as He shows us- what will come next. Again, thank you for your faithfulness to pray for us and for your faithfulness to the Lord! See you soon!

Update: 12/26/23: On Christmas Eve, a few days ago at 6:15 PM, I hit the word “Publish” on this website. That was the completion of an amazing journey, and the final “Denver County” being added to “Prayerwalk “Colorado”. I couldn’t have gotten a better Christmas present then to have been able to complete these posts. Take a moment and consider also the final summary post “Colorado”, a summary of our time marveling over this beautiful state. My prayer is that these, and all of this website, will be a prayer tool “for America to pray for America”, and that in the coming years it will be just that. Don’t ever forget that the God that made this possible, the God that made all this beauty and keeps His promises, is the God that loves You more than you can imagine. Don’t ever forget that. And don’t ever forget this- PSALM 18 STILL WORKS!”

The following link is a precious time where we were asked by Rocky Mountain Christian Television Network and Colorado Prays to tell about Prayerwalk America and Prayerwalk Colorado. Please take 15 minutes to watch, and thank God with us.

It’s true- Psalm 18 really does still work!

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