Prayerwalk Colorado

Prayerwalk Colorado Begins!

Journey with us across Colorado, and use this as a prayer tool in praying for our state. Read on to see what God has led us to do in each county, and then take a look at each county post for more pictures, insights and stories of God’s handiwork and amazing power on our journey!

After meeting with our brothers and sisters who are available to join us in each church, we go to a place they choose on their property. We have a prophetic act of worship we will do in each county, where we put symbols of our prayers into the ground to claim the land for the Lord. Our Prayerwalk America books will give more detail of what we did in worship in each state. The symbols we use in the Colorado Counties are a bit different.

Tony digs a small hole, or “well” in the ground. The first item he places in this place is a flat stone, or the “foundation” of our altar. (See I Kings 18, the story of Elijah’s confrontation with the prophets of Baal.) As Tony arranges a set of small sticks over the stone, we also pray for the fire of God to come down, but not on the altar. We pray God sends His fire in our hearts first, then on the church, the county, our state and on His people across America.

The next items we place on this “altar” are these. We put in a chain link, and ask God to bind together the church as one, linking us closely as we worship one Lord as ONE BODY. We add a small container that holds a tiny scroll with the theme verse of this journey, Jeremiah 10:6-7. (See home page of this website.) We sprinkle mustard seed over the altar, asking God to grow faith in us and across the land, and we take some of that seed and throw it into the air. We ask that God will take that seed and “wherever it lands”, will grow faith across this land, like strong trees with deep healthy roots. We place a “Colorado Prays” card in the ground, crying out for more intercessors to rise up for our country and state. Then, we pour water and oil over our offerings, signifying Jesus being the living water, and asking for more anointing of Holy Spirit. Finally, we take communion together and put the elements into the ground. This is a sacred time at His feet as we remember the price He paid for us, His bride. We call this “taking communion with the land”. We consecrate all of this to the Lord and as Tony covers the dirt over our offerings, we blow shofars in celebration and worship to the Lord. Our final offering is singing and praising God with music. I bring my guitar and we share this sealing of our time together by honoring Him!

Final Post

As I began to write our final post on Denver, the final chapter of our Prayerwalk Colorado journey, I began to contemplate all we have been able to see and do here…

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