County Seat: Telluride.

The drive through the San Juan Mountains from Dolores County to Telluride is spectacular. The sights in the town of Telluride include old history-filled buildings lining the streets. Except that many were brick, it reminded us of a quiet old western town. It helped that it was surrounded by huge mountains and in such a beautiful setting.

What was really such a “God thing”, is that even with road construction slowing us down, we were able to be there in time (by minutes!) to meet with the lead pastor David Cannon (above) from the Telluride Christian Fellowship. He even had a minute to invite us in and show us the sanctuary. David was warm and welcoming as Tony explained our mission, and we were given full permission to have our offerings on the church property. He was excited about what we were there to do and would have joined us, had he not had an upcoming appointment.

Lord God, You have prepared a place for us yet again. You do it every time. Long before we even arrive, You have contacts ready, a place ready, hearts ready, and I hear You again say, “Trust Me”. As we pray over each element we place in the ground, we lay them at Your feet.

Lord, You said in the last half of Matthew 17:20, “If you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move; and nothing will be impossible to you.” We ask for the faith in us and in Your church to grow like THAT. As we sprinkle it into the land, and throw it into the wind, let it spread across Colorado and all of America. We want to be a nation under God once again! America needs to bow the knee to You! Let faith ARISE!

Send Your fire down on the church again, Lord, and bring us back into Your unity as one body, united according to Your Word. We long for You Jesus- the Living Water- cover us, soak us, fill us, revive us! Let us long for You and thirst for You alone. Fill us with Holy Spirit and raise up intercessors to stand in the gap in prayer for our nation. Lord let San Miguel County, and let Telluride be a lighthouse for the Kingdom of God and let all who come here be drawn to YOU.

We come to communion, the most sacred time of all. Lord we remember what You did; we remember Your blood freely given.

They didn’t take Your life. Your gave it. You didn’t owe anybody. We owe You, and can never repay. It’s all a free gift.

You are amazing and Jesus, we love You; we bow before Your holiness and we thank You with all that is in us.

And we worship.

Thank You Lord. This has been a beautiful place to give honor and glory and praise to a beautiful God. May it always be so in this place. May all who come here know. Let praise arise from this place, today and every day.



PSALM 150:6

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