County Seat: Alamosa.

This morning we woke up in Alamosa County, in the city of Alamosa which is also the County Seat. The drive was long from Custer County, so we chose to make the drive last night so we could get an earlier start this morning. As you can see from the picture above, this is an amazing and beautiful Colorado County.

Before we were finished with breakfast, God already had arranged two divine appointments! One was with a sweet kitchen worker here, Jana. Jana is a lovely Christian woman who was glad to pray with us and very interested in what we were here to do. We gave her our card, and we pray our website is a blessing to her. Then, two gentlemen and another woman were at a table near us and Tony struck up a conversation. He asked if they were brothers, as they looked alike. It turns out they were lifelong friends. David, his wife Sue, and their friend Bob were retired folks who were very pleasent to talk to. They were taking their time just traveling and enjoying Colorado. We were able to share a small amount of what we came to do, and did give them our card. Lord, touch their hearts and thank You for reminding them that You love them and have a plan for their lives. Let them not forget You, Lord; let them keep You as the center of their lives, and know You as Lord and Savior!

From here, we headed to our first destination for today: The River of Life Church, pastored by Michael Dominguez. When we arrived, there was already a team of intercessors waiting to pray with us! This always encourages our hearts, when we can share with other believers our love for the Lord and His love for them. We were invited inside and really loved all their symbols of faith and outreach. Lord, let them also be a lighthouse here where You are free to “draw all men unto You” and where people can learn and know personally “the peace that passes understanding”. Let them embrace Your Father Heart, and know that all of this is for them too. Thank You for this place that shouts out the message to this community: there is truly a “River of Life” just waiting for them to embrace, and there is hope and freedom in Christ for them. Thank You, Lord, for these ones here who love You.

We had a sweet time of fellowship as Tony explained what we had come to do, and the significance of each of our symbols of faith we would “plant” in their land. As we prepared the ground and began sharing and praying through the offerings, each one of them wanted to participate. One by one, they were able to place offerings in our well, and pray for their county. When communion time came, they all placed part of their bread and juice into our well, and there was a unity about their hearts with ours. We sealed our time with worship, and they were able to “pick” their favorites from a list I had brought. We sang “No Sweeter Name”, “We Exalt Thee”, “We Enter The Holy of Holies”, “I could Sing of Your Love Forever”, and “Dancing With Me”.

We closed our time with more prayer. God put these things on all our hearts to pray and agree in unity: Lord, let people here come to know You and follow hard after You. Let them know they can depend on You and trust You, Lord. Thank You for each and every child in this county. Father God, surround our town and protect these little ones with Your hand. Watch over them; be merciful and loving toward them. Let the children and youth of Alamosa County know Your kindness, and know that no weapon formed against them can prosper. Surround them with angelic protection from the enemy. Thank You for them, Lord. Go before them and cover them with Your precious love. Lord, place a wall of protection and covering around them. And Lord, place a wall of fire around this church. Protect and guide us as we follow You. In addition, these precious prayer warriors prayed for us and our ministry: We thank You Lord, for these ones who have come here today to pray for us. We are grateful for them and ask You to guide their way and bless them. We pray You cover them with Your protection and we praise and thank You for sending them here to us. In Jesus’ Name!

Our time here has been very encouraging. We thank You, Lord God, for our time in these beautiful surroundings with these lovers of You. Guide and protect them as they seek to grow closer and closer to Your heart. Do let them follow hard after You, all the days of their lives. Lord, draw many here in Alamosa to Your heart because of this River of Life Church. Thank You, oh God, for our time today to share with Alamosa County. Cover them with Your love.

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