County Seat: Ordway.

Today we have the pleasure and honor of coming to Crowley County, to the county seat of Ordway. Right away we got an amazing gift from God. There, in the corner of a yard where two streets met, was a giant cholla that was taller than our heads and filled with purple flowers. We stopped for a long time and took pictures of it because it was so incredibly beautiful and massive. I am pretty sure we are not the first admirers to stop and gaze at this wonder.

In many places in Ordway, we were overcome by the sheer beauty of this place- so many flowering cholla cactus- and so many gardens and parks. The cholla were my favorite.

We met here with a kind brother who welcomed us and prayed with us over Crowley County and shared communion with us. We sang a worship song with him, “I Choose to Worship”. Our time with this brother was sweet. We prayerwalked in different areas and prayed over many churches and government buildings. The Crowley County Fire Department Ambulance Service at Ordway Station represents people who lay down their lives daily to help others. We always take opportunity to thank and pray for protection and safety over the medical profession and over the policemen and women who are such servants of the communities where they serve. Encourage their hearts, Lord, and let them know they are appreciated and needed.

At the time of our communion offerings, we were in a beautiful setting. Tony prayerfully prepared the ground and placed our stone and sticks reminding us of Elijah’s altar when the prophets of Baal denied God. Tony prayed that all would know You and all would recognize Who is the true God, and worship only You. We prayed with the chain link, that the true church would align with You alone, in unity and worship and truth. It is such a precious time for us to place mustard seed into the ground and throw some into the air, asking the Lord to spread faith across our state and nation. We cry out for more intercessors as we place the “Colorado Prays” card with our offerings.

Pouring water and oil over the symbolic altar to You we have made, we cry out for more living water that only comes from You, and for Holy Spirit to fall on Your Bride. Jeremiah 10:6-7 is read into the atmosphere before being placed over our offerings: “There is NONE LIKE YOU, Oh Lord. You are great and great is Your Name in might. Who would not fear You, Oh King of the nations; indeed it is Your due. For among all the wise men of the nations and in all their kingdoms, THERE IS NONE LIKE YOU!” Worship followed, with the blowing of the shofar in honor of You. God thank You for this time. It is so precious to us.

Beauty is the word I have for this county. There are so many wonders of nature here. There are just cholla gardens everywhere. The trees, with a deep blue-sky canvas behind them, reach their arms to heaven as if to praise the Lord. Creation bows to You, Lord, as it should. We saw one road near here that dropped down then went up a hill, and at the bottom it was completely flooded. (It had been closed off, thankfully.) Lord let Your river of life overflow in the hearts of those who don’t yet know You, so that they would run into Your waiting arms. Thank You, Lord, for Ordway, and for all of Crowley County. May the beauty here only reflect You.

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