County Seat: Creede.

What beautiful mountains we crossed over to get here. We had been invited to join in with the Creede Baptist Church Wednesday night meeting: a potluck and Bible Study. In unity, all the deacons had agreed to allow us to present to the whole group our assignment, and they were all happy to join in. So, after the potluck and before Bible Study, we all headed outside! Even the children wanted to be a part. It was a blessing to have such a large group; there were 27 adults and 7 children as best as we could count. The owners of the Snowshoe Lodge we stayed at are members there as well.

When it was time to go outside for the communion and offerings, they introduced us and let Tony explain what we were going to be doing. Melody had prefilled the communion cups and laid out the bread, so on the way outside, each person could get their elements and be ready. This worked so well, and the children’s church leader was wonderful. She handled the children beautifully, letting each one know just what their roles would be. We wanted the kids to feel a part of this, so each one got to do something special. One little girl got to place the prayer card into the offerings, and she was excited to say, “Jesus, help more people want to pray!” Another girl got to pour the mustard seeds into the offering and throw some into the air, saying, “Jesus, spread faith ALL OVER AMERICA!” She had the biggest smile on her face as the mustard seeds went flying! Another girl offered to read the scripture and add it to our offerings.

The boys wanted to be a part of things too. So, when we came to the water, we talked about the Bible saying that as a deer pants for the water, we are supposed to be thirsty for Him like that. So, we just want to drink Him up all the time. Then, each boy got to pour some of the water, and say together, “Jesus, help me be thirsty for You!” They even said it twice! Tim was the head of the deacons, and his wife Kate was glad to pour the oil. At the end of communion, every one of them went forward to pour part of their communion over the offerings. After sealing our time with worship, we went inside for their Bible Study.

The one who was teaching started out by saying that he had especially liked the part when we talked about how Jesus’ blood was spilled on the ground- because in fact, it was. Tony was encouraged that he had been able to call these symbols we use prophetic acts, as most people are afraid of that because they don’t understand. That was not the case here. They were very open to all God had led us to do, and each of them was very encouraging. They listened intently to what we had to say, and the children did so well. We had discussed in advance that they preferred no pictures of the children since this was going on a website, so of course we honored that request. All the people there were very encouraging and excited about tonight. It was such a sweet time!

Thank You Lord, for the little town of Creede, and for Mineral County. Let this precious church family continue to be a light here for all to see You. Thank You for speaking to us in ways we can see and understand, as the deer we saw coming into town reminded us to thirst for You. You are an amazing and beautiful God!

“As the deer pants for the water brooks, so my soul pants for You, O God. My soul thirst for God, for the living God!”

Psalm 42: 1-2a

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