County Seat: Eads.

We have come to Eads, Colorado and are looking for a beautiful roadside park to do our memorials. We found one! The first thing we saw was a tribute to those who served in the armed forces. There were symbols of the branches of the service, and a flag. It was a moving honor to be here at this place, remembering all those who served.

We found a beautiful tall pine tree with nice shade. Tony began to prepare the ground. Sometimes we have a crowd, but today it was just the three of us and the quiet. As Tony placed our altar in the ground, consisting of his flat stone and sticks to replicate Elijah’s altar, we prayed for the fire of God to come down on us- first on our hearts, then on those of Eads, and all of Kiowa County.

We found ourselves on our knees praying over our memorial symbols. Lord, please grow faith here like the mustard seed, and as Melody threw it into the wind, we pray again for faith to spread across America.

Our Colorado Prays card was placed in the ground, to call our counties and our state to be prayer warriors, and for all to be on their knees crying out for this land. We add the chain link, asking for unity in our hearts as one. Lord we are ONE NATION UNDER GOD! With the water, Oh Lord, we pray to drink from Your wells overflowing in this dry and thirsty land. How we need Your water and Your anointing oil over us, to fill us in this most sacred time. Olive oil was poured over the memorials.

We stand on Holy Ground in Your presence. As we take communion together with the land, we thank You God for the cross. You paid the way; there is truly NONE LIKE YOU! As I put my hands on the cool soil and cover our offerings, we pray for Your covering over us. We need You, Lord! Kiowa County needs You, Colorado needs You, America needs You!!!!!

My guitar comes out now, and we worship. We seal our prayers with worship to the King. It’s a sacred holy time at Your feet. Today Melody worshiped with sign language under the flag to “I Could Sing of Your Love Forever”. It was so beautiful. May our nation understand, and return to You! What a fitting close to our time here, to blow the shofars and declare this land is YOURS!

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