County Seat: Hugo.

We started today in Kiowa, Elbert County, prayerwalking the town and meeting with both the Kiowa and the Limon intercessors, who were all great friends. This evening we are blessed to go to with Melanie Taylor to the Lighthouse Church right in Lincoln County, with some Kiowa intercessors joining us there. Tomorrow we will visit Hugo, the actual County Seat of Lincoln County.

The Lighthouse was quite an experience of beauty, healing and God’s glory. Some joined us from Kiowa, and heard Melanie’s incredible testimony about God’s Hand over her life in a really difficult season. Her husband Pastor Rick, and 10 year old daughter Bethany Lynn were tragically lost in a terrible accident in 2009. Melanie testified of the strength and divine intervention, and how God brought her through such a painful time. She now pastors the Lighthouse, and the building itself was like entering heaven.

One picture on the wall was painted by a 12 year old. When she was 6, she died and went to heaven. She saw Jesus, and He told her it was not her time yet and sent her back. At age 12, she painted who she saw. To imagine that Rick and Bethany are beholding that face right now, is precious.

Everywhere you looked, there were beautiful reminders of God’s beauty and love. There was a War Room, and a Soaking/ Healing Room. What a testament to God’s glory and healing power. There was also an amazing picture of huge ocean waves surrounding a Lighthouse. This place is indeed a Lighthouse to this community.

We had communion, worship, and our memorials at the foot of the cross out front. And, we had four shofar blowers! There was a beautiful memorial built in memory of Bethany and her daddy. It was a memorable time of sweet fellowship, and with all this, and prayers and worship and more prayers, something special still awaited us at Melanie’s home.

A Sukkot Tent awaited us in her yard! And, an amazing huge feast was shared by all. We shared testimonies, scriptures, prayers… more testimony, more prayers… We got cold, we got blankets… nobody wanted to leave. (And, like Tony said, “the chili was GOOOOOD.”) It was a sweet fellowship in the Lord. How could this day have been better? Lord thank You. There is NONE LIKE YOU!

“There is NONE LIKE YOU, OH LORD! You are great and great is Your Name in might! Who would not fear You, Oh King of the nations? Indeed it is Your due. For among all the wise men of the nations and in all their kingdoms, THERE IS NONE LIKE YOU!”

Jeremiah 10:6-7

Just wait till you hear what God did today!

Yesterday we had such sweet fellowship in Elbert and Lincoln Counties in Kiowa and Limon. We loved being at Robert and Jenni’s home, at the Lighthouse Church and at home with Melanie, Micki, and all the intercessors from both counties that were able to join in. Today we came to the actual County Seat of Lincoln- Hugo, Colorado.

We looked at several park areas but wanted something a bit more secluded- then we found just the spot. As we pulled over by a tree we’d picked out and began to gather our things, a God moment happened. A man pulled up to “see if we were ok”. What a nice gesture. So, we told him, actually we were fine and had come here to pray for Lincoln County. In the conversation that ensued, we were able to explain about Prayerwalk Colorado, and that we were going to all the Colorado Counties to pray onsite for our state. We invited him to join us- and he said YES!

As it turns out, his Grandparents came over here from Norway and Sweden, married here and got this land, which grew to 25,000 acres of beauty. This was actually his land! It was such a God thing. He was so happy we were praying for Colorado and was eager and excited to join us in prayer and communion, and in our offerings with the land. We had no idea this was private land and that the owner would come to see if we were all right- then JOIN us for communion!

We shared worship together, and spent about an hour with this dear man. God, bless him and keep him, always close to Your heart. What a blessing, to him and to us, that You arranged this meeting and time together at Your feet. Lord You are so beautiful! Thank You for all You have done for us in this journey through Lincoln County! It is beautiful- YOU are beautiful!

Tony, Melody and I with our new friend Cole!

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