County Seat: Burlington.

On the way to Kit Carson County from Cheyenne Wells, we passed some huge “turbines”, like great white windmills with arms reaching up into the sky. They are massive and impressive, and make me want to lift MINE!

Our final stop for today was this town of Burlington. This county was named for frontiersman Kit Carson, and was founded April 11, 1889. The Burlington State Armory is here. We spoke with a pastor on the phone a few days ago, but he was unable to meet as his wife was very ill. We were able to pray with and encourage him. We will find a park today, as we sometimes do, and will meet with God there.

We passed by and prayed for the City Hall. We prayed for churches we passed, but due to the late afternoon hour, we did not find any open. We did, however find Paul Parmer Park. It was large and beautifully landscaped with a walking path all around, trees everywhere, and a Pavilion for our things. There was a chill in the air, reminding us of the late afternoon hour, but God has kept the weather so perfect for our journeys this week.

We found a private spot for our worship and memorials, and our communion once again with the land and with each other. At His feet is always, always a precious place to be. The horizon stretched red hues all across the western sky. What a setting to worship the Lord. Our songs included, “The Father’s Song”, “I Could Sing of Your Love Forever”, and “I Enter the Holy of Holies”. We knew we were on holy ground. On this journey, we still pray for dirty feet. God told Joshua that everywhere the soles of his feet trod, He would give him the land. We want all of America and all of Colorado, so we want dirty feet!

Just like that electrical project we passed coming in, with those windmills across the sky, Lord move Your worshippers to raise their arms to You like that. You stretch our Your arms over us like that red horizon and we are overwhelmed. As we took communion and placed parts of it in with our offerings, we marvel again at who You are, and Whose WE are. We have entered the Holy of Holies, at Your feet, and we want to stay here forever. Thank You Lord, for Kit Carson County. Keep them as a bright shining light for You!


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