County Seat: Ouray.

Through the mountains, another unspeakably beautiful drive, we have arrived at Ouray. You just have to drink in these beautiful mountains. Every time I come to another mountain pass or a new view of a mountain, I think there couldn’t be a more beautiful place on the planet. Until I come to the next mountain. Of note: One of the mountain peaks in this county, and the highest, is Mount Sneffels at 14,150 feet. I KNOW!

Arriving in the town of Ouray, in Ouray County, was like something out of a movie set. This small town was almost hidden within the giant walls of tree filled majestic mountains. We did not have a definite contact here yet, so as we made our way through the streets of Ouray, we looked for a church and prayed for another divine appointment.

God led us to a little community church, and it was open. The back door was standing wide- open, so I walked in. I’m sure you could hear my “Hello, hello?” ring throughout the building. Somebody heard me and came upstairs. Turns out, this WAS another divine appointment- just like we’d asked. This man was the head elder, and they just “happened” to be having an elder and deacon meeting. Every elder, deacon and pastor was right there! We offered to wait until they finished, but they were going to be an hour or more. We needed to get to our next location before dark so we were not able to stay that long.

The folks in leadership were all in agreement and happy to have us here. We were grateful for this immediate favor from the Lord, and that they would be so kind as to let us place our offerings and have our prayer time right on their church property. I believe they all would have joined us if not for the meeting. What a precious God- arranged time this was!

We always have such a sweet time of fellowship with each other and with the Lord, as we place our offerings in the land, lifting up prayer and intercession for Ouray County and Colorado. When we are able to share this time of worship together, giving our offerings and claiming this land, it brings a joy but also a time of serious contemplation as we look on the One we are raising them to. There is NONE LIKE YOU OH LORD!

This is our last county of this prayer strike, eleven counties in all this time. Melody will drive on home tonight and we will go as far as Grand Junction and then rest there and drive home tomorrow. In three of our four counties today, our offerings were placed in the ground on very windy days. Then, just as we finished at this location, the rain fell. Thank You Lord for Your “always and every time” protection, and for the rains to fall on this dry and thirsty land.

This was just a kiss from God today.

And here was one more. We saw an elk! Well, ok, we saw a PICTURE of an elk, but we will accept that too! A beauty, wouldn’t you agree? We loved our time here. Thank You, Lord, for Ouray County. Let all who come here see You!

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