County Seat: Leadville.

I need to pause a moment before I tell you about Lake County. Right now, we are in awe. In awe of these beautiful mountains. In awe of the herds of elk, the deer, the antelope. In awe of the mountain sheep (and praying we see more!), the rivers, the “Alpine Edge” where Melody tells us that the tree line stops and the mountain caps are snow covered year round. I am amazed my camera can hold all the pictures I am taking. I learned to love the mountains as a child, when we drove through the Cumberlands from Ohio where we lived, to Tennessee where my aunts, uncles and cousins lived. There is not a mountain that doesn’t have its own beauty. But now we are talking, 14,000 footers, my feet standing on an 11,000 foot mountain top seeing red tailed hawks flying effortlessly overhead. Yesterday our prayer partners asked me, when they saw my excitement, had I ever seen mountains before.

Bless their precious hearts. Yes, I have. I have been to and through mountains many times, and, all my life. But, you know, some things just never get old. Lord, may I never ever “get used to” mountains and all that goes with them, that You just “breathed out” one afternoon. “Let there be” were the words You used. “Let there be.” Oh Lord, it’s because YOU ARE the “Great I AM.”

You have let me see Pikes Peak, the Redwood Forest, Niagara Falls, Alaska, Hawaii, China, India, Germany; many many ocean beaches, every state in this great nation, and the Northern Lights shoot across the Alaskan sky. May it never never never get old. May I never lose the wonder. May I never “outgrow” the excitement. Oh God, it is beautiful beyond words once again. And it always will be. Always.

Lake County was to be our next stop. We entered the San Isabel National Forest, and drove through historic Buena Vista. I took pictures of a huge herd of elk, mountain sheep; we watched “the deer and the antelope play”, and saw countless rivers and mountain peaks covered with snow. I picked the best of the pictures but they don’t begin to cover it. This is a breathtaking part of our country. Needless to say, we spent much time in worship.

“How beautiful on the mountaintops are the feet of those who bring the Good News, who proclaim peace, who bring glad tidings of good things, who proclaim salvation, who say to Zion,

YOUR GOD REIGNS!” Isaiah 52:7

We found a small park in this beautiful place, and under a wooden swing, found a place to lay our offerings in the ground. We declared scripture. We prayed for this county and our great state of Colorado. Taking turns, Melody, Tony and I placed each piece as we thanked God for their meanings.

It was a precious time together at the feet of Jesus. As I think back on the time at His feet in that beautiful mountain town, these words came to mind:

“Lord we thank You for this beauty; as on our knees we fall.

How can we express our thanks for the beauty of it all.

Elijah knew, that day of old, when he built an altar too.

He told them their baal wasn’t God, and pointed them to YOU.

We wonder now, how anyone with eyes to see could miss-

when all around us shouts Your name, how could they still resist?

Oh Lord please soften the hardest heart, before it is too late,

They just still do not understand, they just can’t see their fate.

You gave Your all, Your life, for us; we worship You today-

And pray this county bows the knee, and gives their heart away.

If only they would look and see Your arms are open wide,

What joy and peace awaits them there, when they are by Your side!”

We pray that all in this county will know our Jesus and the truth, and Lord Almighty, we worship Your Holy Name and proclaim Your majesty over Lake County! May all of Colorado and all of America bow the knee to You, Oh Lord! You are the only One Worthy!

“Worthy of it All”, “I Enter the Holy of Holies”, and “We Exalt Thee” seemed appropriate worship songs to proclaim- so, we did. Our time in Leadville was sweet and we hope our paths cross again with this amazingly beautiful place. May those here see the Lord God Almighty, everywhere they look! May this be a place of revival, beginning today! Thank You, God, for Lake County!

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