County Seat: Gunnison.

About 30 miles out of Gunnison, we were surprised to be praying for road crews directing us around a small but active landslide. There were a number of large boulders near the road as we traveled further, that looked like they may have fallen recently. I never really imagined the dangers that the road crews face on these mountains, and the work to just keep these roads maintained and safe! These men and women were protecting us through potentially dangerous situations. Lord, help them know You and keep them safe. We will pray for our road crews and thank them! The mountain’s challenges certainly do not deter travelers from coming here, and when you look at my pictures you will see why. This place is incredible!

We had a connection with Trinity Baptist Church through some contacts, so we came here first. The door was open but nobody was here at the time we came. We were getting ready to circle the parameter of the church and pray over it, when two ladies from the church arrived. They were not in leadership so couldn’t give permission for us to place our offerings here, but these sweet ladies said they’d be glad to pray with us. We prayed with them for many areas. We all agreed in prayer over Gunnison. Lord, cover the schools and the children and pour out Your protection over both. Let Gunnison be a lighthouse to shine Jesus to this community. Align the churches and the schools with the Word of God in unity, Lord. We also pray for the police department and fire fighters for courage, wisdom and safety, and that the medical personnel also would have wisdom and protection. Oh Lord God, draw the government leaders here to Your heart, to follow You and make righteous decisions in line with Your Word. Lord we lay Gunnison at Your feet. Have Your way here and draw all men to You! We pray all this in Your precious holy Name!

When we finished our prayers together with our new friends from the church, Tony and I walked around the church one direction, while Melody covered the other side in prayer. We walked around the building, each using our staff to make declarations for the city as we anointed the ground with oil.

From the church we went to the university. We prayed for the schools of all ages, and for this place. Lord, we ask that in this university and in all the schools here, You will send Godly leadership and teachers who will speak only the truth to these students. We declare that false doctrine be removed, any prideful spirit be removed, and that salvation and truth would come from these walls. We ask that You remove any bad teachers and leaders here that would lead these youth in wrong directions. Replace them with Godly adults who know You and will stand up and teach Your Truth no matter what. Lord, take over these schools and transform them into Lighthouses for Your Kingdom purposes! We especially pray for protection for the children. There are some even now playing nearby. Let all who come here know that You have a plan for their lives. Let them be Godly leaders among their peers, and learn to pray and trust You at a young age. Let them know that they can run to You and be safe. Before this very day is over, we pray that many will come to know You. Let the conversations even now be turned to You. Thank You Lord, for the work You are doing among the youth and young adults here in Gunnison.

The Post Office is symbolic to us of things going into the county and going out from the county. We pray that nothing would come into this place to bring harm or lies, and that only those things that are good and holy and full of Your Truth would be allowed to go out from here. This is a very friendly community, with people waving and being quick to make us feel welcome. Let Your love abound here, and let others be drawn to You as they shine Your light!

The Police Station is a place we love to go. There was a kind woman on the other side of the intercom who was grateful to let us pray over the officers from the lobby. Praying through an intercom while being filmed on a security camera was an experience, but it was a good one! We pray that hearts are changed through Your power, that You would draw people here to Your heart. Lord, we continue to ask for Your protection over our men and women in uniform, for angels to be over and all around them, and over their families. Let Gunnison see Your Hand freeing people from addictions and bondage, and from the enemy’s grip. We ask You to encourage the officer’s hearts, that even though they usually only see the negative side of people, that there are thouands of prayer warriors across America that pray for them daily, honor their positions, pray for their safety and that of their families, and are thankful for them. Let them be encouraged, Lord, that we honor and respect them, and that they are not alone. Most of all Lord, let every one of them know YOU love them, that they can bow to You as their Savior and find salvation, and that You will never never leave or forsake them.

From the police station we went to the park. There was a small waterfall and a flowing river! It was so beautiful, and we found a private place to have our prayers, offerings and worship. We crossed a bridge, and were able to go right down to the water. It was a marshy sort of place, but it was holy ground and it was precious. We placed our offerings where God directed us to, and had a sweet time of prayer and communion. As we finished, we sealed our time with worship, then the blowing of our shofars.

It was a precious time. Thank You Lord, for letting us come to see so many beautiful places and lift Your Name. Thank You for the angels You send to prepare the way for us, for Divine Appointments, changed hearts, beautiful weather, the food that awaits us and the rest tonight You will bring as we prepare for Your leading tomorrow. You are an amazIng and awesome God and we adore You!

Thank You for our time in this county. Bless Gunnison and keep them in Your Hands.

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