County Seat: Lamar.

We just entered Prowers County. LIFE is the word God is giving us for this place.

History is everywhere. Old homesteads are still trying to stand out in the field where pioneers came to settle. This was a beautiful private place where they wanted to bring their little families and raise them out here in the middle of nowhere. Some of these homesteads look like they’ve been there since the beginning of time! Herds of cattle stand near the feed troughs- mamas with their babies, one with triplets. Beautiful flowering cactus and yucca are abundant. Everywhere we look there are children playing, and people in the park with families and pets. There is just LIFE everywhere.

We have arrived in Lamar, to meet some precious people at the Sparrow House Ministries. In front of their property, there is a beautiful cross display. We just saw their truck that says “Sparrow House Ministries”. We don’t see anyone here yet, but the church is quite beautiful. There’s a park nearby called Willow Creek Park that we are driving around as we wait. As we wait, we pray for our nation, one desperately in need of You.

You keep giving me the word “LIFE”. Thank You for ministries like the Sparrow House Ministries, that bring hope and life to people in this community. We pray for life into the churches. Bring Your fire down into our hearts! We prayed for so much fire in Your people that neighbors would come running to see where the fire was, only to find out it was You working among Your people! We want to represent Your county well and be light here for You. Thank You for these precious ones here with a heart for taking care of people‘s needs- food, clothing and whatever else they need. Lord, let this community find such an intimacy with You, that they would hunger for Your Word. Let them understand what is acceptable to You, and then walk in it. Bring unity here for Your people who are called by Your Name, to get together and worship, praise Your name and seek Your face. Holy Spirit fire fall!

We have just connected with Joel and Veronica Jacoby at Sparrow House, and got the “grand tour” of their garden area and an explanation of all they are doing here for the community. WOW! As we prepare the ground beside their gardens for our offerings, they have chosen a place by their huge garden tubs where they are growing food to feed about 1500 people a month! What a labor of love, and they both have full time jobs besides. Lord, these precious ones need Your power and greatness to just come and flood them and this place, as we pray so often for the rains to come in. They said there has been such a saturation of water like has never been seen in this region. Holy Spirit, come!

Show us Your goodness and let people taste and see that the Lord is good! We want others to experience it to and know You intimately. Father we just pray there would be a changing; a shift in this county. We thank You and love You! We place the symbols into the ground: the stone and wood representing Elijah’s alter, the chain link praying for unity, and the Colorado Prays card crying out for more intercessors for our country, and mustard seed for faith. We prayed and placed in our offerings, and the scripture Jeremiah 10:6-7. We poured the water representing the living water, and oil signifying the Holy Spirit. We throw mustard see into the air and cry out for faith to spread across our nation! We cry out for this town, state, and country. We cry out to You from Your Word! We need You, Lord!

As we take communion now, we lay ourselves at Your feet. We remember Your body broken for us and Your blood poured out. We remember, we remember! We thank You for Veronica and Joel Jacoby, Terry, and Shahin, who joined us here and welcomed us onto this precious land. We agree with them that this land is for the Kingdom and pray it grows and expands, and is always under Your protection and guidance!

We sealed our time here with stories of God’s goodness, prayers, shofars and worship. We sang together “The Father’s Song’, “Power in the Blood”, and “How Great is Our God”. Lord, these ones are working hard in the gardens here- the gardens of food and the gardens of people’s hearts- and with all THEIR hearts. Let Your Word spread and let these seeds grow where You plant them. In Jesus’ mighty Name we pray!

Lord God, what a blessing this has been for us! The fervency and passion of our brothers and our sister here for the lost, for the hurting, and for our nation moves our hearts. The faithful way they pour themselves into those they serve motivates us. The way they love encourages us. Maybe that’s why You kept saying to me, “Life”. You have poured Your life into us, and now we are to pour it into others. We ask You, Lord, to bless thee precious warriors for Your Kingdom. Thank You for allowing us to know them and pray for their outreach. Thank You, Lord, that these faithful ones are pouring themselves into their ministry and into these people. Lord, bring Your LIFE here, to Lamar. Bring LIFE to Prowers County, In Jesus’ NAME!

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