County Seat: Delta.

We began today by getting up early in Montrose to make the drive to Delta. This is the County Seat of Delta County. As we traveled from Montrose to meet our next contact, Pastor James Conely, we passed many sand dunes. These are hills and hills of adobe sand and they’ve been here forever. I am told they are like icons here, very common to see but very beautiful. We definitely agree. Our God is a creative God!

Arriving at First Baptist Church in Delta, we met with Pastor Conely and a small group of precious intercessors including Dawn Farley, who were excited to pray with us over Colorado. A precious gentleman who was tending to landscaping was happy to join us as well and helped Tony dig the hole for our offerings.

Some of our prayers and declarations included honoring and worshiping the Name of the Lord! We are claiming back this territory for You, Lord, and are asking that You restore things as You once created them to be. We are calling forth more intercessors by the power of Your Spirit. As we place our “Colorado Prays” card into the ground, this is what we are crying out for. We are standing here in Your presence- shoulder to shoulder with linked hearts. We feel a burden to call forth a great county, one that follows You with a heart that burns for America. We are just a small representation of Your body of believers here, but Lord we ask that You increase us in number and in strength.

We pray for You to raise up prayer warriors that are completely sold out to You, willing to lay everything aside to seek You and Your heart for Delta County. Draw out men and women- young and old, elementary school children, people from every walk of life, who realize their identity is in You. Lord, we need more intercessors. We wish to bring glory to Your Name, Oh God.


As we pour out the water and oil over our offerings, we ask for those who thirst only for You- the Living Water- and for Your Holy Spirit. As we sprinkle the mustard seed into the ground and throw some into the air, we thank You for all You have done to grow our faith. Please Lord, as Your Word says, let faith grow across Delta County like these mustard seeds, growing into strong trees with healthy roots. In Your Word, You compare our faith to these seeds. May a faith grow in our hearts that can move mountains! We declare this to be so!

We know You have positioned us here in Delta County for such a time as this. Be central in our hearts. Change us, Lord Jesus, through Your Spirit. Let our faith be one that binds all fear, rejects all unbelief, and shatters all doubt across this county and across Colorado. We call out to You Lord, for faith like that. We also want to lift these young ones here to You, that You would raise them up to be a mighty army for the Kingdom of the Living God. Let Your plans and purposes for their lives be done!

Thank You Lord, for this body of believers, these pastors and shepherds who have been faithful here for many years. Thank You that You are providing for their needs and taking care of this land for Your Kingdom and glory. As we place these symbols and elements into the ground, God we ask that Your will is done in Delta. Send forth missionaries from here, and apostles, teachers, pastors and evangelists. Use us in this state and nation, and let decisions made here be ones of righteousness. Let Your holy angel warriors pull down strongholds of wickedness and ungodliness. Let Delta County be a lighthouse bringing glory and honor to Your Name!

Thank you for this beautiful day, these new friends and this place. Bless their families here today with Your protection and Your Presence. Keep us safe this week and thank You for this time in Delta County!

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