County Seat: Saguache.

Saguache, at elevation 7697 feet, was quite beautiful as we traveled high over Ponche Pass. Our information tells us this is one of the “lowest” mountain passes in the state of Colorado, but at over 9000 feet, you could have fooled us! My camera was snapping wildly at the amazing mountains that surrounded us, as Melody and I searched the horizon for wildlife- and mountain streams!

Arriving at Saguache, God had three divine appointments for us. We actually were to pray at three different locations in Saguache, which is the county seat of Saguache County. First, we found the lovely Samaritan Baptist Church in the heart of town, but no one was there to pray with us. So, we took time to pray together over this congregation and blessed them. The Word says that where two or more are gathered in His Name, there He is in the midst of us. So, whether many or few, Psalm 18 still works… He will shake the earth when our cry reaches his ear! So, we cried out! After we finished praying there, nearby we found a United Methodist Church. This would be our second divine appointment today. The Lord’s voice is sweet. He guides our steps.

At this church we found an immediate friend- a small black cat that seemed infatuated with us and wouldn’t leave our feet! Soon we did find a second friend- a neighbor and member of this church, and owner of our little cat friend. Leona, a very loving and kind woman of faith, was glad to pray with us and let us come into the sanctuary and see some of the history. We found out that this church celebrates 150 years of existence here in Saguache, and had a beautiful commemorative handmade quilt telling of their history, hanging right on their wall. We were honored to pray with Leona. Her prayers were precious and her love for Jesus was obvious. What a light in this place she is!

One of the things the Lord moved our hearts to pray for was that this time together would be a time that glorifies Him, as this is His church! We spent time thanking God over and over for this time in His presence, the bond we have together as His church and His believers, and the Word that breaks down any divisions. We asked for unity, and the heart of Christ that the prophets of old taught us about. We do know that everything in the Word is truth. We thanked God for keeping all of His promises to us, and for His faithfulness. We told Leona about Colorado Prays, and how we are asking for more intercessors to pray for our state and nation. Our time with Leona was a divine appointment and we were all blessed by our time together.

Our third appointment today was to find a place for our memorial offerings, and God had just the perfect place picked out for us. He always is faithful to do that! There was a lovely park in the center of town, and that was where Tony, Melody and I had our worship time together. We shared communion, had more intercession for this town and county, blessed this land, and sealed our time in Saguache with our worship. Among other songs, we sang the old and beautiful hymn, “No Sweeter Name than the Name of Jesus.”

This small town nestled in the heart of these majestic mountains, just felt like home. It reminded us that no matter where we are, we are always nestled up close to His heart. There is truly “No Sweeter Name.” Thank You Jesus, for Your love. Thank You for our time here in Saguache. Jesus- as we often sing- “What a Beautiful Name It Is”.

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