County Seat- Meeker.

Meeker is the County Seat of Rio Blanco County, Colorado, which is named after the White River that runs through the county. Leaving Garfield County, we traveled through so many more majestic mountains to arrive here. I have so many river pictures, including the Colorado River. But, the “pretty” doesn’t stop on entering Meeker.

We always love to see the amazing handiwork of our Creator surrounding the towns and Counties we get to travel through. The Visitors Centers (left) always greet us with friendly workers and much history of the towns and counties.

We also love to pray over these historical markers that tell the stories of these places. One such place here was the Fire Department.

In the Fire Department, we met a sweet woman who asked us to pray over a church in town that her daughter had recently been baptized in. She gave us directions and we told her we would be sure to go there. As we drove through town, we also kept an eye out for schools, churches, and other government buildings for prayer. Some of those we found were the Police and Sheriff’s Departments.

Other prayer opportunities at this location included the Mayor’s Office, the Police Department and the Municipal Court. Next, we were able to pray around many churches in town, and the Meeker High School. One of these churches was a historical site, The Saint James Episcopal Church. We prayerwalked around this beautiful building, the Meeker Christian Church and Emmanuel Baptist Church. That was where a blue bird came close to check out what we were doing! Lord, bring YOUnity according to Your Word among these churches. Let the administrative leadership in Meeker, the schools here, and the leadership in the churches reflect Your light to the people here and be good examples of integrity and honor. Protect and guide them, Lord. Let them follow You alone!

We found our park for our communion, offerings and worship. I will let the pictures tell the story. As we blew our shofar after our worship time, two little boys came and asked us what the shofars were. As we explained that they were like muscal instruments that were used for worship, they were very interested. When we asked them their names, one proudly announced, “I am the son of the Chief”! We thought it was so sweet that they were so interested in what we were doing there. They stayed and talked to us for awhile. What a gift to us that God sent those two little boys to encourage us.

We love to seal our time with worship and the blowing of our shofars. In this quiet and beautiful setting by White River, we concluded our time in Rio Blanco County. What a blessing to be here! Thank You Lord, for all You have done in Meeker and in this county. Bless them, Lord, and let all who come here know You. Protect them, lead them, and help them to love You more. Let all who are thirsty, COME! May the River of YOUR PRESENCE flow through hearts in this place, and pour out all over Colorado. We love You Lord. Be glorified in Rio Blanco!


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