County Seat: Julesburg.

This beautiful county was named after Fort Sedgwick, a military post along the Platt Trail, founded April 9, 1889, exactly 50 years to the day before my Tony was born!! Here we met at “The Castle Church”, as we called it and as the children in the community fondly know it as. The Sedgwick Christian Church is pastored by Pastor Alan Harris. Pastor Larry Nail joined us from the Well of Hope Ministry a few blocks away, as well as the sweet hard working gal Kaye, who was tending to the church grounds. What a perfect picture of how we are to “keep the grounds” by tending to the church body! We were so grateful she stopped to join us, and we shared together a wonderful time of worship and prayer. This is not just a really amazing, cool little town. These precious ones we were able to meet with were very much into unity, very much into prayer and praise, and very much into God!

It’s just not possible for me to recreate an hour and a half conversation with these amazing Spirit-filled children of God. Alan grew up in this church, was pastor of an Assembly of God Church for 18 years, and now has pastored this one for 15. He does a ZOOM teaching call every day, and we were privileged to be under some of his teaching today as he shared thoughts from Psalm 119. We were reminded here that God is a God of “Hope, not Nope”, that things are “incidents, not accidents”, and that “if there’s no battle, there’s no victory!”

Psalm 119 was a precious heart reminder of the truths from the Word of God. Even on the way out of town, we received two more special blessings. Sirens blaring, an ambulance zoomed right by us, reminding us that we are paramedics to those needing life. We prayed immediately that our new friends from the church we’d just left saw it too, and remembered what we remembered, when they saw it. Then, there was a large water tower in town, reminding us what we are delivering- news of the Living Water. What a blessing, the town of Julesburg and this precious church family.

Living Water, FLOW!

After our time of placing our memorials into the ground and having our sweet time of communion together, we all blew the shofars in unison, and it was a beautiful sound to heaven! Praise You and thank You Lord! And indeed, we felt we were standing at the foot of a castle! We again claim this land – Sedgwick County and all of Colorado – for the Kingdom of God! We had a wonderful time sharing with these awesome brothers, sister Kaye, and our Melody.

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