County Seat: Breckenridge.

Good morning! We are on our way today to Breckenridge, the County Seat and largest city in Summit County. You will very soon see why this place is rightly called SUMMIT! We saw 14,000-foot peaks, mountain sheep, cloud shadows (Yes, you heard me right!), and amazing beauty you can’t describe with words. I attempted to get adequate pictures but there is just no description or picture good enough to describe what we saw. God’s handiwork. There’s nothing that compares. Again, today, we just drank it in!

We have Melody in the car with us today! Today we are going to meet Dianne Brekke and her husband Rolf, mighty prayer warriors, at Carter Park Pavillion. I need to comment on the cloud shadows. I have always loved them. Today as I snapped picture after picture, Melody told me, “You should ask GOD why you love cloud shadows!” I did, and Psalm 91 came out- because we dwell in the shelter of the Most High and rest in His shadow! Oh God You are so good, and You paint beautiful shadows! We do rest under YOUR WINGS Oh God!

Prayers Dianne and Rolf prayed were beautiful and powerful. Prayers were lifted to break off curses placed upon this land. We agreed in prayer that people’s hearts would know YOU, Lord; and that You would protect and preserve this land from those who would try to pollute and destroy it. We ask Your help in cleansing it of witchcraft, evil teachings and lies that draw others from Your truth.

Before we came, we prayed God would send angels all around us here. When we came, I started to shout at Satan and his demons to “Get OUT” and as I looked up into the beautiful clear sky, I heard the Lord say, “They are already gone.” Other prayers and declarations included that Quandary Pass would now be a place of life, in the Name of Jesus! Drug addiction and evil lies against our youth are broken off, bondage has to go, idolatry and everything connected to it must leave, prodigals will return home and people under bondage will be freed with the love of God! This land is so beautiful, and we claim it for the Kingdom!

Amos 4:13: “For behold, He who forms the mountains and creates the wind and declares to man what are his thoughts, He who makes dawn into darkness and treads on the high places of the earth, THE LORD GOD OF HOSTS IS HIS NAME!”

A red-tailed hawk was flying overhead. From the beautiful mountains, the sparkling waters, the big horn sheep- God’s majesty was everywhere. The air was sweet, and we were standing on Holy Ground. Summit County, we declare You are a high place for the Kingdom of our God!

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