County Seat: Springfield.

We woke up this morning in Springfield, Colorado, the County Seat of Baca County. The first things that struck us here were the historically beautiful buildings and architecture. The next thing that struck us was that this may be the FRIENDLIEST TOWN we have been in! When we prayerwalked around the neighborhood, every car that passed us waved at us. Nobody knows a stranger here and they all treat you like family. It’s just a quiet little town with a sweet country flavor. I hope the people here know how blessed they are. We prayed that they would all know Jesus, and run after Him with their whole heart!

Melody was touched that there had been so many birds flying all around the church, and that nature was proclaiming God’s glory! We had to laugh at one. He was a tiny little thing trying to be bold. He stretched out his tiny wings as far as they would go and walked right in front of our car, “daring” us to come any further. And, we did. He flew away, realizing I think, that this was a bad idea. Tony laughed and said that maybe he had credentials. May the enemy who thinks he is something when he is nothing, fly away in fear every time he realizes who he is messing with- the King Himself and His Bride!

We have come to the Assembly of God Church early so we could pray. What a special building this is, that houses the church. We loved the cross on the front with the Holy Spirit fire all along the side. That is so much a representation of what we pray at each county, for the fire to fall on the hearts of the churches. The Pastor was across the street and saw us taking pictures of the church, and thought, “Must be them!” so he came right over and introduced himself. He would return after finishing up a bit more work. After a “quick tour”, Melody stayed inside to pray, and Tony and I did some prayerwalking outside. We never know what to expect or how many people might join us, so we just leave that up to the Lord. We have enough communion for thirty, and a heart for any number- large or small- that can be here. So, we’ll leave that up to the Lord also, and see what happens!

Across the street was a fire hydrant kind of hidden in some tall grass by a tree. I’m quite sure the fire department knows where it is located, but, it brought to my heart that many many people don’t know how to find the Living Water. Too often they will wait until a fire comes to their lives to look for water. May we be those that let them know, before the emergency comes, where to find the water! I am declaring over this neighborhood that people won’t wait until there’s an emergency to look for the Living Water, because IT’S RIGHT HERE!

I want to tell you about the sanctuary.

Inside was as welcoming as the rest of this town. The quiet worship area was intimate and perfect. A sign on the piano read, “Then Sings My Soul”. The Communion Table announced “Faith” and had a cross and an open bible. It was not only beautifully displayed, but a very powerful message. We appreciated seeing the display of Voice of the Martyrs magazines there for the taking, as we use this also at our home in praying for the Persecuted Church.

There were many pictures on the wall on the way to the fellowship room downstairs, all drawn by children. They want the children to know they are wanted and that what they do matters. There were stair lift chairs to assist the elderly. On the way up to the pulpit in the sanctuary there was a grab bar- for just two steps. The hymnals had large print. (Note the grab bars and large print hymnals in the picture below!) All these things said Jesus to us. They care about their elderly and their pastor, and they love their children. There are just pieces of Jesus all over this place. There is an anointing here, and it’s precious.

As we waited for others to join us, we walked through the sanctuary. Melody was praying over every chair, touching each one. God told me to just go through and pray and sing over each part. There’s a power in singing and worship that breaks things off from the enemy. When Tony came in, we sang together. At one point, I was singing old hymns and I heard Tony quietly singing “I will Enter His Gates With Thanksgiving in My Heart.” It was really sweet time, and we kept getting the word “anointing”. That church had a special anointing. Their building was 100 and some years old. We really loved the hand rails. Lord, let us be hand rails. Let people know they can grab ahold of us and we can lead them to safety so they won’t fall. We need to be handrails, Lord.

We were with Pastor Earl Heath, Greg, and a third pastor that are pastoral leaders over the churches in Baca County. As we shared together, Pastor Earl made an interesting statement. He said that air space between preacher and the people is where the Lord does something. If you hear something from God, it’s not because of the preacher. It’s because your heart was ready. He also made a statement that he likes to carry “a burning bush” in his pocket, as a reminder. He seemed to be a very humble man, positioned here by the Lord with a strong calling. We prayed and thanked God for these three pastor-leaders and the roles they play for the Kingdom in Baca County.

As Tony prepared the ground, we began to place our offerings there. Tony begins with a small stone and sticks to represent Elijah’s alter, as we called down fire on our hearts from heaven. We prayed God’s fire would be so strong, that people would come running to see where the fire was; and that there would be so much light that it would be a mighty lighthouse people would run to! They would want see where the light was coming from! The light and the fire is going to come from the church. We placed a chain link there and cried out for unity, that we would align with His Word in every way. Then, we poured water and oil over our offerings, and prayed for the Living Water and Holy Spirit oil to be poured over our hearts. We cried out for more intercessors and watchmen on the wall of prayer over our state and nation. We threw the mustard seed into the air and placed some in the ground, and proclaimed Jeremiah 10:6-7 over Baca County.

Our time of communion together is most sacred, in His Holy presence, a time like no other.

We sealed our prayers by blowing our shofars and singing “Power in the Blood” and “How Great is our God”. And, there IS power in the blood! And, our God is so great and we want all to see.

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